Community Work

Our Ministry facilitates the well being of the Immigrant Community in Lexington. While we focus primarily on the spiritual needs of the people we serve by developing their relationship with God, we also provide a number of social services which range from receiving new arrivals to facilitating documentation.


Cultural and Social integration

We run various programs with groups of women, men, youth and children. These programs include cultural integration and literacy. Many parents cannot read or write as they have no education. Our programs are designed to assist them by teaching English and basic computer skills. We hold social events where our various cultural backgrounds are celebrated. This gives the feeling of home away from home and decreases the stress of integrating into a new, unfamiliar environment.

social work

Facilitating the transition

Being available to assist new arrivals is key to the success of the work we do. Many families arrive in the US and have no other support system except that which we offer. This often means sharing our home with many. Apart from sharing what we have, we focus on translating letters into Swahili, facilitating and interpreting at hospital appointments, seeking employment and registering children at school. Many times we are called in to help with family conflicts. On many occasions, the church building is used for meetings, feeding programs and events. We feel honored to be able to serve a growing African Migrant Community both spiritually and socially.

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Are you and your family new in Lexington?

We would like to extend a helping hand to you should you need our assistance, whether it be documentation, translation or transportation to hospital. At Lifebridge International Church of the Nazarene, we believe in serving the whole man, preaching the whole gospel to whole families. That gospel includes helping a brother who is in need. If you have just arrived in Lexington we say ‘Karibu” to you and your family. Please give us a call on 1 (859) 551-5008

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