Welcome to O’hana Market!

O’Hana is a Bembe name which means “giving” or “act of giving”. It is derived from the verb i’hana which means “to give”. The Bembe language is spoken in the territory of Fizi, South-Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo, bordering Uvira, Mwenga and Shabunda to the north, Lake Tanganyika in the east, and the provinces of Tanganyika and Manila in the west.

O’Hana is not only the owner’s daughter’s name, but can be traced back to their family line to the 4rd generation. O’Hana represents honor, pride and resilience in a strongly patriarchal society that shapes its heritage. This venture breaks the mold in writing a new story of female self-affirmation and bravery.

We currently trade in Lexington, Kentucky bringing the best quality African vegetables, dried foods, seafood and spices to you so you can create authentic African Dishes, giving you the feeling of home away from home.

We have sourced the ingredients of African signature dishes mostly from Tanzania so you can enjoy the authentic African taste wherever you live.

We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality products which are 100% natural and organic.

O’Hana Market’s Grand Opening in September 2020 was both exciting and lively with many customers, both African and non-African shopping, sharing and filling their baskets with food items to be used for Sunday’s dinner. It was exciting to see the dream coming true. An authentic African Supermarket in the heart of Lexington, serving the ever growing migrant community, making our patrons feel at home away from home. 

“Back home, says Malenga, the owner of O’Hana Market, you could go behind your house and harvest vegetables. You can’t do that here, so you really miss that, we try to create something very similar to that by bringing in food items from Africa so that our African brothers and sisters can have a feel of home and they won’t look back too much.”

o’hana market, bringing the african flavours home